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Mommy Discipline

OTK Spanking, CBT & Foot Fetish

In-Person sessions

NY: July 21-24

PR: July 26-Aug 8

NY: August 9-13 
Copenhagen: August 14-31
Los Angeles: Sept. 14-16
NY: Sepyember 17-22


See Calendar below for schedule
Fill out form below to book
an in-person session 

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In-Person Appointments  $400/Hour

Fill out the form below to request an IN-PERSON appointment. 
After the screening, we will discuss dates and details of the session. 

Thanks for submitting!


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Spanking - Fessée - Selkäsauna - スパンキング - Пляскане - Natges - Výprask - Upouusi - Ξυλιές - Kal - הצלפות ישבן - डिस्क सेक्स - Verés - Memukul - Sculacciata - Pēriens - Mušimas - Memukul - پیوست - Scenete - Порка - Výprask - Šeškanje - เอี่ยม - Порку - سپنکانگ - Roi chwip din

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