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I Will Help You Find Motivation from an OTK Spanking

I'm a Strict Mommy that will take you over my knee and smack your bare bottom til it turns bright red so you will learn your lesson. You will get what deserve young man, a good old-fashioned over-the-knee spanking.

If you don't get the point, I will have to get my hairbrush or paddle and tan your fanny until you learn to obey my rules. I am paddling you for your own good little boy.

You better be good or I will get the belt and you will get it twice as hard. Mommy spanks you because she loves you and you will learn to be good from now on or else you are really going to get it next time you disobey.

Mommy does OTK spankings for bad boys in Westchester and Spankings Midtown in New York, NY and Puerto Rico every month.


Domestic discipline and hairbrush spankings are my specialty.  MoMMy loves corporal punishment and impact play, but I also enjoy other fetishes like CBT  Punishment, Bondage, Sissy Dress-up, Adult Baby play and Foot worship.


About Me

I've been a Professional Disciplinarian since 2009. I am a very powerful female maternal presence. I am a mature dirty blonde woman of Danish and German descent. I am 5'9" 145lbs. I am 63 years old. My measurements are (34DD-30-44).   I have bright hazel eyes and a great smile.

I am very friendly but STRICT and my sessions are unrushed. I have three locations: NYC Midtown East Manhattan, Lower Westchester County, NY and Dorado, PR.  

Name: Miss Bobbi

Main City: Manhattan, NY

Sex: Female

Sex Preference: Straight

Body Type: Curvy

Measurements: 36D-28-44

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 145 lbs

Race/Ethnic: White

Age: 63

Born In: Indiana, USA

Availability: Incalls/Outcalls

1st Language: English

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color: Blonde

Hair Type: Straight

Hair Length: Long

Body Piercings: None

Breast Implants: No

Grooming: Unshaved

Tattoos?: None

Smokes?: No

Likes: Submissive, Mature, Respectful Gentlemen.

Dislikes: Smoking, Cologne 

Accept Credit Cards: Yes on Amazon Gift Card or Wishtender

Details Section Coming soon.... 



If you have ever dared to dream about what it would be like to be spanked in the style and manner of the iconic west coast disciplinarians from NuWest/Leda, I would strongly suggest you take a visit across the lap of Mummy Bobbi.

Bobbi is a skilled, educated an attractive artist with a deft eye for setting and controlling scenes and tempos. Although feminine, warm and witty, Bobbi is also physically strong .

I had the good fortune to visit with Bobbi yesterday and I am quite pleasantly sore and sated today, following one of the truly best spankings that I have ever received as an adult. Her prowess with her hand, hairbrush, paddle and belt will lead you right to where you need to be. 

I see a lot of commentary about the cost of Bobbi’s tuition. All I can say is that Bobbi‘s services truly represents a value to those with a disciplinary bent. I can promise you that Bobbi will not leave you with a case of the “woulda, coulda, shouldas“ after you leave her studio.  

It is said that there are only two certainties in any life, death and taxes, to which I will add a third for me: there is very little doubt that I will be returning for a visit to Bobbi. 


OK, last night I took one for the team, and what I took was a really great OTK spanking from someone who really figured out (from what I told her pre-session via e-mail) what pushed my buttons and gave me one of the best spankings I've ever had. 


No need to worry that she doesn't show her face on her web site or in her videos. She has one, and it's attractive. Longish hair, too, which I like, and a friendly and bubbly personality. She's not terribly tall, about 5'-9" or so, not a swimsuit model, but trim and well proportioned all around. 


One thing to know about her, which might turn some people off, but I really enjoyed it, is that she's no youngster. She's in her early 60s, and it's nice to be in session with someone who isn't young enough to be my granddaughter. Usually when the term "mature" is used to describe a mistress, it's a euphemism for something unattractive. MoMMy Discipline (she goes by Bobbi in e-mail) is mature in age and attitude, and I found her to be quite attractive. 


She does foot fetish and light bondage things occasionally, but what she emphasizes on her web site is spanking, plus the associated paddling, strapping, hair brushing, and caning. She has good verbal skills (though she did say "naughty tush" a lot) but has a pleasant voice and she can scold convincingly. 


I know there are some who will want to know if she can spank you to tears and restrain you over her lap if you sqirm. I didn't find out because neither of those is my thing, but she's pretty strong and has amazing endurance. She can keep it up as long as you can take it, and I'm sure that if you want to cry, she can find something in her toy bag that will make you cry. 


Give her a bottom to redden and you'll see a lady who enjoys what she's doing. I'm sure she can be all business if that's what you're into, but between serious lecturing and volleys of hand spanks by the hundred (but who's counting?) we joked and laughed together. She wasn't making fun of me and I wasn't bratting her, it was a two way street all the way. 


I don't usually make wardrobe requests on a first date other than "please don't look like a dominatrix" but since she was wearing a slip in one of her videos, I asked her about it. It was very short and she was wearing hose with garters exposed. I told her as politely as I could that I really liked my spanker to wear a slip, but that particular getup looked kind of slutty. She caught on to the look that appealed to me and did the session in a lovely knee length slip - perfect dressing for a lap-turned-over. 


I probably shouldn't say this, but she was very generous with her time. I scheduled a half hour session, which is usually enough spanking for me, but she just kept on going and going like the Energizer bunny. Except for coming up for air for a minute or so a few times (we both needed it) I was over her lap for just about an hour, and the time flew by. Since she had some time before her next guest, I invited her to put on some street clothes (she looked fine like that, too) and go for coffee. For a half-hour session, we were together nearly two hours. I don't expect she'll always have that much time, but it was good assurance that we were on the same page about spanking, and that she wasn't eager to hustle me out the door. Since the majority of my sessions are at houses, I'm used to clock watching and expect it. Spending more than the allotted half-hour with her was a pleasant bonus. 


She works out of an apartment for her New York sessions, East side, mid-town. It's pretty spacious. Pretty standard home furniture except for what looks like a massage table. No spanking horse, no St. Andrew's cross, no iron cages with manacles. This was a pretty warm night, the first warm night that she'd been using this space, and though each room had an air conditioner, she was unable to get either one working. Turned out that both outlets that the units were plugged into were dead, so I "fixed" the one in the OTK room by robbing an extension cord that went nowhere and connecting it to another outlet. She'd going to talk to the landlord and spank him if he doesn't get the A/C fully operational. 


All in all, if you're into spanking, spanking, and more spanking, I'd highly recommend her. Comparison with other New York professional disciplinarians such as Ms. Marwood and Margaret Davis are inevitable. They have a few more years experience than MoMMy/Bobbi, but I really can't say one is better than the others. They all have a little different touch and approach but really, at least for what I seek in a spanking session, no downsides. I have never considered any one to be "my mistress" but like to try different things with different people. Most have been good, and most I'd be happy to see again. Bobbi is definitely one I'll try to see another time or three. 

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